1. Guest agrees to honor these Terms and Conditions and all rules and regulations of the Property. Guest may be required to leave in the event of any violation of these Terms and Conditions or such rules and regulations.
  2. Any terms in an agreement between the Client (if any) and BridgeStreet shall supersede any conflicting term in these Terms and Conditions. All payments under these terms will be paid by the Guest unless the Client agreement specifically states that the Client will pay. The person or company responsible for payment will be called the "Responsible Party". If the Client signs below, the Client agrees to these Terms and Conditions as applies to Guest.
  3. BridgeStreet may enter the accommodation to inspect, repair, remodel and maintain the unit and will give notice whenever possible.
  4. Pets are permitted in specific accommodations only if BridgeStreet approves in writing in advance of the specific pet (approval required for each pet), and Guest complies with the terms provided by BridgeStreet and the property/apartment community.
  5. Guest agrees to take good care of the apartment and not to perform any hazardous, offensive or unlawful activity in the accommodation or the common areas. Guest will obtain its own insurance and/or be responsible for personal property and BridgeStreet is not responsible for any such property. Guest may not rely on any contrary assurances by BridgeStreet staff. State/Provincial innkeeper laws apply. The Responsible Party will be charged for any lost property or damages or expenses it causes (or caused by any invitee or other occupant) including apartment keys, passes, VOIP boxes or Air cards or similar equipment issued by BridgeStreet to Guest.
  6. Cancellation:
    Unless otherwise specified in writing during the booking process, any reservation which is canceled prior to occupancy shall result in a Cancellation Fee as set forth below. In addition, the Responsible Party may also be subject to other fees and charges imposed by the Property owner/manager. For example, and not by way of limitation, if BridgeStreet has entered into a lease for a specified Property in connection with Guest's reservation, and the underlying lease is not terminable without penalty, then the Responsible Party shall be required to pay the penalty or the ongoing rate for the Property until such time as such underlying lease expires. Cancellation Fees are due at cancellation. Cancellation Fees are as follows:
    1-6 night reservation 72 hours notice 50% of total booking cost
    United States/North America 7+30 night reservation 10 days notice 50% of total booking cost
    31+ night reservation 21 days notice 75% of total booking cost
    1-3 night reservation 48 hours notice Fee of 1 night
    UK/Europe 4-6 night reservation 72 hours notice 50% of total booking cost
    7-20 night reservation 7 days notice 50% of total booking cost
    21+ night reservation 21 days notice 50% of total booking cost, but no more than a cost of 21 nights (Ex. 50 night stay would be charged for 21 nights)
  7. Notice to Vacate: After the term of the reservation has begun, BridgeStreet must receive a Notice to Vacate from the Client or Guest for the contracted number of days prior to departure, regardless of the stated termination date. The reservation will automatically renew on a month to month basis after the termination date and all rates and charges will continue to apply through the Notice of Vacate period (except if increased as noted below); provided, however, that rates are subject to increase upon written notice after the initial term.
  8. Change in Responsibility: If responsibility for payment of any charges changes from Client to Guest, Client or Guest shall notify BridgeStreet in advance and Guest must comply with BridgeStreet’s standard payment policies. BridgeStreet may remove any Guest who fails to provide notice of a change in responsibility and/or comply with BridgeStreet’s payment policies.
  9. Any extension of the departure date is subject to availability and BridgeStreet’s approval. The Responsible Party will be charged for any UNAUTHORIZED occupancy beyond dates approved by BridgeStreet for a rate of twice the daily, weekly or monthly rates then being charged to Guest.
  10. Rate charges and taxes are due in advance. Any additional fees incurred, that are not paid upon receipt of an invoice from BGH, will be charged a late fee of 2% per month, plus any reasonable collection and attorney fees incurred as a result of collecting of overdue amounts.
  11. Guest may not assign, sublease, transfer these terms, the accommodation or any part thereof or permit the use of the accommodation by anyone other than Guest and permitted occupants.
  12. Guest represents that Guest’s use and occupancy of the accommodation is of a transient nature and the accommodation is not intended to be a permanent residence of Guest. Guest’s occupancy and use of the accommodation shall NOT create any landlord/tenant relationship. This Agreement is not a lease and is not intended to convey to Guest any real property interest or estate in or to the accommodation or any other portion of the Property.
  13. In the event BridgeStreet cannot accommodate a guest for any reason, including overbooking or an out of service unit, a refund will be provided within 7 days.